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    Diabetes: The Most Complicated Disease?

    Our algorithms and software help healthcare professionals get through the complexities of analyzing data and get to great dosage recommendations for their patients.

  • Dr. Patient

    Spend Time With Patients, not Data

    With less than 15 mintues per visit, doctors should be spending time on their patients problems, not figuring out how to analyze data.

  • Meter

    Make Meters Useful

    Meters are great at collecting data, but doctors already overwhelmed by data. Our algorithms help lead to effective clinical decision related to adjusting a patients insulin regime.

  • Insulin

    Over 100 Million People Take Insulin

    With so many taking insulin, there aren’t enough doctors to review their meter data every 30 to 60 days and make informed dose adjustments.

By providing insulin dose adjustment recommendations to healthcare providers, Insulin Algorithms reduces diabetic blood sugar levels, lowers their healthcare costs &  lessens their risks of complications.


Global Problem

Diabetes is a global problem, with 8.3% of the world suffering from the disease. With over 370 million diabetics world-wide, the costs of treating this disease and its complications is staggering. Studies estimate the world-wide costs to be over $410 billion, and in the USA the ADA calculates that the costs exceed $180 billion per year.


Care Issues

Diabetics taking insulin face a number of challenges. Their meter readings should be checked every month to adjust their insulin doses, but there aren’t enough trained doctors, nor do they have the time to do so. Thus, many diabetics go unmonitored, live with high blood sugars, develop complications, and suffer needlessly from their disease.


Our Solution

Our cloud based algorithms help healthcare professionals  make informed decisions in adjusting their patient’s insulin regime.  Primary care physicians, nurses, physicians assistants and pharmacists can now take on supporting the millions of patients taking insulin. Broadening access to insulin adjustments has proven an effective tool in lowering blood sugars and improving health outcomes.


Experience Counts

Diabetes is a very complicated disease, the study of which is incomplete.  Our algorithms are based on over 35 years of research by Dr. Mayer B. Davidson, a world-renowned endocrinologist a diabetes specialist. The algorithms have been in taught, written about, and used clinically for decades, with hundreds of doctors and nurses trained in their manual use.