FDA Clears Insulin Algorithms' Clinician-Support Software for Titrating All Insulin Regimens

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has cleared Insulin Algorithms’ decision-support software, which helps clinicians manage every type of insulin for diabetes treatment.

American Diabetes Association 2016 Outstanding Physician-Clinician Award Dr Mayer B Davidson MD PhD

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Optimized Insulin Dosing for Every Patient

Expand Access To Care

Primary care physicians, nurses, and other care providers can now create and manage insulin-dosing regimens with precision.

Works with all insulin types and regimens

Our solution is not limited to specific regimens or only certain types of insulin.  Providers can work from any insulin regimen to create optimal dosing for their patients.

Clinically proven to lower HbA1c and costs of care

Clinically optimal dosing leads to lower HbA1c and fewer complications from diabetes.

How It Works

Our software uses glucometer data to deliver optimized, patient-specific insulin dosing recommendations in seconds. Here’s how.

  • Patient measures blood sugar with their existing glucometer.

  • Glucometer data is uploaded through our software or wirelessly to our cloud server.

  • Cloud server sends patient-specific dosing recommendations to provider.

  • Care provider reviews report and makes necessary modifications to patient insulin.

  • Patient starts on the path to glycemic control.

Clinically Proven Algorithms

Our protocols were developed over 30 years by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mayer B. Davidson, MD.

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Maintained avg. HbA1c


in 400 inner city, insulin-requiring patients

Our algorithms maintained a 7.7% average HbA1c in a difficult to manage population of low-income, insulin-requiring patients. Blood sugar control varies by income.

Dropped HbA1c from 11% to


in 110 patients in one year

In a published study of a nurse managing 110 patients with our algorithms, HbA1c’s were reduced from an initial average value of 11.0% to 7.2% in just one year.

Lowered HbA1c From 8.4% to


in 30 patients in 20 weeks

In a published study of remote monitoring of 30 patients with diabetes,  our algorithms were used to lower HbA1c levels from 8.4% to 7.7% in just 20 weeks.

Industry Support

“After hearing the presentation describing your computerized insulin dose adjustment algorithms, we are very interested in evaluating them. The initial evaluation of 10 patients seemed very promising. For this reason, we look forward to working with you in the future as we develop the way in which our two systems can electronically interact.”   R. James Dudl, MD | Diabetes Lead Care Management

“Our Diabetes program utilizes clinical pharmacists to aid in the treatment of our diabetic patients…Therefore we would be very interested in evaluating your insulin dose adjustment algorithms after they receive 510 (k) clearance. Please let us know when this occurs.” Stephen Deutsch, MD | Chief Medical Officer

“We were quite impressed with its clinical effectiveness and clearly see how this solution and tool will help our overworked primary care providers do a much better job of lowering HbA1cs for our insulin-requiring diabetic patients.” Sunday Irene, MD | Chief Medical Officer

Our Team

Deep Medical, Management, Software, and Technical Expertise.

Mayer B. Davidson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Josh Davidson

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Margolese

Chief Technical Officer

Craig Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Medical Advisors

Dr John Buse - Insulin Algorithms Medical Advisory Board

John Buse, MD, PhD

Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, University of North Carolina
Past President of the American Diabetes Association

Vivian Fonseca, MD

 Professor of Medicine and Alumni Chair in Diabetes, Tulane University
Past President of the American Diabetes Association

Richard A. Kahn, PhD

Professor of Medicine, University of North Carolina
Past Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association

Anne Peters, MD

Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Diabetes, USC Medical School

Business Advisors

Gary Hutchinson, Senior Corporate Advisor

 Entrepreneur in Residence, Alfred Mann Institute, USC

Scott Fuller Seton Ascension Insulin Algorithms

Scott Fuller, FACHE

 Vice President of Joint Ventures and Alliances, Seton Healthcare Family

 Eric J. Weissman, Corporate Advisor

President, Wilshire Capital Advisors

Hogan Lovells, Cooley, SoCal IP - Insulin Algorithms

Insulin Algorithms - Team - Rick Kahn

Rick Kahn

Director of Sales and Business Development

Insulin Algorithms - Team - Uri Basanov

Uri Basanov

Vice President of Sales and Business Development – Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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