Our Solution

Our software comprehensively analyzes patient data and recommends an insulin dose adjustment in fifteen seconds. That’s less time than it takes an endocrinologist to scroll through a patient’s meter readings, let alone calculate the right dose adjustment. The algorithms that drive our software are clinically proven to lower and maintain proper blood sugar levels.


There is a chronic and worsening shortage of practitioners who have the expert training needed to properly titrate insulin.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for practitioners to properly analyze hundreds of meter readings during increasingly short office visits and make informed and well-reasoned dosing adjustments.

Insulin Algorithms Solves Both Problems

By providing a report with specific insulin dosage adjustments in a matter of seconds to a healthcare provider, the Diabetes Dosage Adjustment software helps:

  • Increase the number of primary care providers, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who can make informed and well-reasoned insulin dosage adjustments.


  • Reduce the amount of time a healthcare provider spends considering the hundreds of data points a patient presents by allowing them to follow, reject, or modify a recommendation as they see fit.

How It Works

Patient’s glucometer captures blood sugar data

Natural-Type-2-Diabetes-TreatmentPeople with diabetes must closely monitor their blood sugar using a blood glucose meter (glucometer) several times a day, including before and after meals. The American Diabetes Association recommends that patients have their glucometer data reviewed every 60 days. With our software, patients don’t need to do anything differently. Our software works with all glucometers, and no additional devices are needed.

Our software imports glucometer readings

When a patient visits their primary care provider, the provider launches the software and creates a new visit with a few mouse clicks, then imports the patient’s glucometer readings. These readings can be imported by connecting a glucometer, USB flash drive or other compatible data-storage device to the primary care provider’s computer. Meter readings can even be imported wirelessly—we’ll show you how.

Cloud server returns a patient specific dosing recommendation

insulin algorithms diabetes insulin dosing platform softwareAfter importing the patient’s glucometer data, the care provider sends the data to our secure server with one click. Seconds later, our server returns a detailed, easy-to-read analysis of the data along with a precise recommendation on how to optimally adjust the patient’s insulin regimen.

Care provider reviews report and modifies patient’s insulin regimen

nhs-doctor-using-a-computerInsulin Algorithms software is designed to empower the health professionals who care for people with diabetes; it is not designed to replace them. Our software quickly and accurately analyzes hundreds of glucometer readings and calculates dosing adjustments that will optimize a patient’s insulin regimen. All of this is delivered in a recommendation report that can be followed precisely, modified or rejected at the discretion of the patient’s care provider.

Patient starts on the path to glycemic control

insulin algorithms diabetes insulin dosing platform softwareOur software calculates insulin regimens based on algorithms that are clinically proven to lower HbA1c—even for patients who struggle to manage their blood sugar. Every 1% drop in HbA1c equates to a 40% drop in the risk for diabetes complications and an average healthcare savings of $1,300. We can help millions of patients live longer, healthier lives and drive billions of dollars in savings.

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